Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Filippa Hamilton

I was absolutely amazed when I saw this ad for Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren always stood for classic americana. It was a brand that was easy to wear and had the ability to make women feel good about themselves. I was so surprised that they would even think of releasing such a ridiculous ad. First of all Filippa Hamilton is a gorgeous women with the perfect body, there was no need to Photoshop her dramatically at all. If your going to photoshop someone at least have a decency to do a good job. This ad is hideous, her head is larger than size of her hips ! I'm disappointed that Ralph would allow such a ad and even release it. The worst of all is Filippa Hamilton revealed that she had been fired for being to large. This girl is 5 10" and 120 pounds, how is that to large in any sense ? She even admitted her self that she did fit into the clothes, maybe not as perfectly as Ralph Lauren wanted it. Poor girl, she has been with Ralph Lauren since she was 15, now 23. In an interview with the Today Show, Filippa Hamilton said that she felt betrayed because she felt Ralph Lauren was her second family. Best wishes to Filippa Hamilton, she is a beautiful model, and I hope others of the industry realize that.

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